Wednesday, June 01, 2005

27 May - 31-May...

I have had HECTIC but so totally fun filled days over the last 4 days.... I feel i must capture the details and feelings before they fade away behind the mists of a forgetful memory... which unfortunately i do have....

so this is going to be a long entry.. n probably a boring read for others... so if you are reading this.. u just might wanna give it a skip n wait till i write a humorous piece!

I wonder.. how long will I continue to Blog.... what purpose does it serve anyway???

ok.. to begin: 27th May... my b'day... was out the entire day.... went window shopping with Anki to Tanishq no less.. n recvd my 1st bday present there :-)
n then went shopping.... got some more presents...met with lots of my friends through most of the day.... i pretty much permanently stationed myself at my favourite coffee shop... lots of my friends had something to say about THAT... but i felt like saying... hey, when it's yr b'day u pick the venue... this is mine... so boo!

what did become clear, tho' painful it is to vocalize and accept it... it is this, most of my friends..have nt got the 1st clue about what to give me as a present.... whic makes me wonder: is it that they dont know me.. not really ... or they just dont have the time, or inclination to figure out what would be most appropriate for me/ i would enjoy!!! now, I believe if you are gonna do something do it right.... so atleast the other person will get some mileage out of it.. but just giving empty words n wishes n an inapproprite gift.... which if they had thought about it they would realise... well just made a mockery of the gift-giving ceremony... n then offcourse there are some who see no point in the ceremony... .well i guess i am still a little girl at heart..especially when it comes to my birthday.. coz i wanted the gift wrapped, decorated with ribbons presents with beautiful cards.... no one ... NO ONE!! bothered to give me a bday card......
hmmm.... there... i am DONE venting...!!!

now the good parts..... saw the cutie agn!!! exchanged hi's n smiles.... v. sweet n completely straightforward..but gave a rosy tint to the sunny (sweaty!) afternoon!

had a FUN n good time with all me friends.. felt real special too!!!
my aunt offcourse had to call n after wishing me n all.. asked how old i was... wonder why she asks this every year? does she expect i will defy regular mathematics? ?? n then for the 1st time in my short life i heard about how NOW it was time for me to get married n settled et all...... i initially thought i misunderstood what she said... coz legally i could have been married the day after 18! n then i just tried to get out of the conversation asap coz here i was sitting in the middle of my friends making party n fun plans .. n my aunt goes all victorian on me!... Uffff!

28th May - went to work... cant remember what happened.... but then no news is also good news.. .especially in my line! .... off course everyone wanted to know what i had been upto y'day... blah blah!

now, sunday.... here's an INTERESTING DAY..... 28th May 2005....
missed my class.... wanted to sleep just this one sunday :-) ...

now...being a girl... clothes are a favourite n fascinating pastime! so i FINALLY went across to Poonam aunty's n saw lovely clothes.... choose some n left the designing to mum... now mum offcourse went later n cancelled the order for this lovely (black and white... seemed like a chinese painting) saree i wanted... i think it might be the influence of learning about haikus....tho' thats from japan... but to the uninitiated, violet n lavender are the same! not that thats any excuse.. but it just reminded me of landscapes in chinese/ japanese paintings n i wanted it... n well, that's a good enough reason to get it :-).... well tho' i am gonna call up aunty dear n tell her i want it anyway.....ohh... i am soo excited... new suits, tops, a saree.... my wardrobe is about to get a smart overhaul... n after a long time i indulged in the freedom of 100% my choice, based on my liking... for a time back then i operated from what others wanted me to be / look/ wear etc... now to be taking back my freedom, even in such irrelevant ways (or is it?) is very empowering!

4pm saw me running late for the caferati meet... I was surprised to see so many people turn up.. tho' this was just my second meet.... yet, well the 1st had been a more small n intimate group... in this one i couldnt even see everyone's faces!!!!
it was interesting.. the food as usual made it more of a feast/kitty party that just a read meet... tho' i loved it so i do hope they dont change it! but, in the afternoon having cakes n dhokla over cold coke did make me drowsy... but i heard it all... n the feedbak/ inputs are still going around in my head.....
I for the 1st time READ my OWN pieces in a gathering... i have before shared very rare, not very illuminating verses with people i was close to... but this time i shared some personal pieces... didnt really get much of a feedback except that i have a good voice (coz, inspired from Anita i had written my 1st ever 1 para song, which i then proceeded to SING.... )... Rekha was probably just being nice... but it was heartening.... tho i was sooo nervous... it was quite embarrasing to be shaking like a leaf... n those that know me know that i am no lightweight leaf!
tho' i have put it on the network so i do hope to finally get some feedback on my 2 pcs!
had to leave early.... didnt like that... nor liked the way my frnd Viv spk to me just coz viv was in a hurry... i mean why cant ppl leave on time if they wanna be someplace on time... n then if u r late for some reason.... however valid..surely getting mad at me is not the solution.. or does it make the roads shorter? didnt like it 1 bit... made me want to be in a place where i didnt have to ask any1 for a transport favour!
i think for the 1st time i literally begged some1 for a book... n well finally managed to convince Richa to lend me Maya Angelou's collected autobiography.... of 11oo odd pages..... its interesting but soo heavy to hold.. n then i am soo afraid that it will get a lil dirty or get a dog hair on it or something...n Richa will so totally kill me... so i am treating it like a lil princess...!!!! well, now that i think about it the way i have been treating the book is actually funny...!!! i myself would go n sit anywhere in the house.. but if i am reading the book, i actually check if the table has any dust! Duh!!!

went to the party.... i think Garima did a good job... i REALLY wonder WHERE does this girl get all the energy n enterprise to do so many things... n never lose her smile n good humour... this i must ask her!

i think AM's project is also worth investigating some more!

offcourse, had a blast there... danced like crazy... had fun with shami, jaya n hunu, n offcourse garima n all the other ppl..... Nrn spoilt the fun.. but only for a bit.. .but then i bounced back after cooling my heels.....n offcourse all that chilled beer helped!

bumped into a few ppl frm the caferati meet there.... Raj gave me some feedback (finally! someone thought i n my work was worth taking out a few mins n talking abt ) which was very encouraging n well.... i do hope i write more stuff .. which is good.....

30-May - Monday
playing with hair color - interesting experience... both in terms of how it changed my looks n the response from people... known and strangers alike.. offcourse it helps that all was good!

did i mention... late nights... something i have not done before... on these instances i felt such a thrill..being grown up n ohhh la laa!

saw my 1st STAR WARS movies... very interesting.... n ved is right.... the imagination these guys hv n hv used so brilliantly is amazing... i mean the details n the story... cool... now i want to see the others in the series too!

been drinking lots of coffee these days ....tried some different flavours too.... how daring i am becoming!

Oh god! this has been such a lengthy exercise.... !!! phew... i hope i got it all down....

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