Tuesday, November 16, 2004

mon-15 nov

so its monday, here's the update:
went fr the meetings on last to last fri... got the work frm 1 and got selected in the other.... its lots of hard work and lil pay..but i guess when 1 doesnt have an option... as they say, beggards cant be choosers!!!!

hv bn in office now for 12 hours..tired... am feeling a lil low....will probably go fr a smoke now...mayb will feel better then!...so much so for my plans to quit ...well atleast i have managed to really reduce it!!!
well, have been meaning to lots of things.. as usual not managed much of anything except for crisis stuff....i am becoming a fire fighter..cant say its a good thing!!!

am planning to go off on a 1-month long holiday in April and re-evaluate myself and my life....
now i am thinking i need to take a holiday and get away asap..tho' what and where i dunno kno!!

will try and blog more often...got to start some hobby. got to sleep less and find more time!!!!

Friday, November 05, 2004

Today is the day!!!!

well, its fri morning, today i am going to be soo busy..... i finally got arnd to speaking to some ppl.. so today i have 2 meetings.. lets see how it goes..i am very VERY hopeful... i am going to give it my best shoot.. i am also wearing my pretty green suit just so that i look nice :--)

I need these to work out.... and i hope that they will....

have to send the prop's on mon... so weekend is busy too.... oh god, these 3 days r going to b soo busy....
i haveot go fr these 2 meetings
send the props by mon so i better work on them this weekend
complete the numy report... that alone is going to take me 7-8 hours !!!!!
n oh, my book club meeting!!!!!
n... there is a party this sunday too.... well, ohhh... i dont kno how i am going to do all this!!!!
but i guess its good atleast i am going to be busy.... :-) :-) :) :)

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


hm...here's another blog.. it/s the 1st of november.. a new month.. i cant belv how the year is almost up!!! well, i came across 1 of my notebooks ... it spoke abt my TO DO list and my dreams... turns out where i was in march 2004 is where i am today as well!!!! pretty idiotic if u ask me!!!

well, the new friendships are not working out the way i would like them too... but lets see what happens!!! i still have a lil hope..

well, as far as my findg etc is concerned well.... nothing on the web..and tho' i hv some no.s hvnt got arnd to calling them up n cheking em out.

its amazing, but frm all quarters the same msg seems to b coming across... STUDy..STUDY... well so i am going to do my homework and definitely start something soon....!!!!!
well, everyone suggested i hunt online... but i cant find anything that fits my needs...hmm......probably the newspaper might work out...

what else.... oh yeah.... the good stuff::::
i am ready to move on frm this workplace..i am no longer emotionally attached... well it is lesstening!!!!
i bought these amazing books...1 which was way too interesting and this other 1 that i have bn looking for for ages n ages now... feels great to finally have bought them ... though...i have already overshoot by budget fr this mnth!!!!
i bought a pair of walking shoes... so, now i will hopefully walk atleast a few times a week!!!!!
i have finally given to CRY for a kid... i hv bn wanting to help out fr soo long.. .n well its good that finally i have bn able to give too.....

Aha......n now the resolutions for NOVEMBER:
No smoking
No drinking
going to try n bring exercise into my routine

thats abt it fr the 1st day of the mnth... lets see how it shapes up......