Friday, November 05, 2004

Today is the day!!!!

well, its fri morning, today i am going to be soo busy..... i finally got arnd to speaking to some ppl.. so today i have 2 meetings.. lets see how it goes..i am very VERY hopeful... i am going to give it my best shoot.. i am also wearing my pretty green suit just so that i look nice :--)

I need these to work out.... and i hope that they will....

have to send the prop's on mon... so weekend is busy too.... oh god, these 3 days r going to b soo busy....
i haveot go fr these 2 meetings
send the props by mon so i better work on them this weekend
complete the numy report... that alone is going to take me 7-8 hours !!!!!
n oh, my book club meeting!!!!!
n... there is a party this sunday too.... well, ohhh... i dont kno how i am going to do all this!!!!
but i guess its good atleast i am going to be busy.... :-) :-) :) :)

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