Thursday, February 22, 2007

truly insignificant = bank loans

If you ever want to experience your true insignificance - try to get a loan to buy something which means something to you emotionally... the amount of stories ( u tell and r told!), documents required (almost as if you are going to run away with their ((india's?) money - leaving behind your home/job/family/ if!!!)), interest rates (baba re! you would think the bank eats from the money interests generate!)...and the delays.... mid week the bank was off, the concerned people are in a meeting (??), their systems are down!!! so on and so forth....
I have now reached a point where:
1 - I have left it on God... if it is to be it shall be... else, its only photocopied papers!
2 - I will never get emotional about things UNTIL my loan is approved
3 - savings may be better utilised....let it sit in the bank and EARN interest instead!!!!

hmmm.... I am sure somewhere in all these lengthy processes, it is the customer who is supposed to benefit... as soon as i realise/ receive even an itsy bitsy benefit - I will definitely record it for posterity!!

on this hopeful note.... Good evening!

SHE [poem]

Posted on caferati on Jan 14, 2007.
my 1st poem for this year :)

The aftermath of watching the movie 'Blood Diamond'...


Where is she?
No no, not the limping one!
I want to meet the strong one
Strong of soul and spine
Strong of speech
Strong of stance
Who is this strung together with scotch tape?



Monday, February 12, 2007


Just when you have loads of material that you would like to think about - reflect upon - internalize and spew some poetry from - Wham!!! you are over loaded with work and a killer schedule.... thoughts??? I am not really sure what I am thinking these days ... my list of things to work thru is going up.... and i am afraid by the time i finally sit down the memories will be too far past and hazy for me to juice them for any revelations!!!!

Another trip I managed to do was to RISHIKESH - I went river rafting (yea yea, I am getting more adventerous with each season) - got dunked and then plunged into the ganges - now i know whats its like to feel your body freeze limb by limb - If I thought Delhi winters were freezing cold - now i have been disabused of such a notion!!!
It's b'ful offcourse - some of the pics are up on flickr...the rest will come next week...

oh yea - when i began the year i had begun to wonder if i was in too deep(offcourse i knew i would have to work hard and be really smart) but i was beginning to wonder whether i had overestimated my ability to cope .... In between I was almost sure i would take forever to pass the mark - but now I AM VERY PROUD to share that I received my CERTIFICATION - level 1 (duh!) and that too in the 1st attempt and within a month!!!! huff!!! Thank god!

now onto the next level ... here I come!

been extremely busy - It's kind of sweet for people wonder if i have disappeared - well. I havent I am just enjoying work - That's my official line for working long n odd hours :)
The saving grace - being able to smile and look into his eyes(however, occasionally)... my god, eyes are soo expressive - I guess so must mine be! if only now some good will come of it!

There are some v. intelligent people who write very interesting blogs - I have FINALLY updated the links from my blog to theirs...



Some songs just speak to you at a very base level - Akon's 'I want to love you' with snoop is 1 such no. for me - and my very first download ever!!!!
and now this song has memories too :)

Another very interesting voice - Anastacia - definitely someone i would like to read about and hear more from....