Wednesday, July 22, 2009

-awe-inspiring blog! -awe-inspiring blog!

somedays, you come across blogs which talk abt a life so different and pictorial stories so lovely - that you forget all that is daily struggle and move onto a very different plain!
Thanks Rajraman ( for sharing :)

Monday, July 06, 2009

a new fancy!

What I like best... when i catch a new fancy, a new hobby, a new interest... it just rev's up my life and day... I can feel the excitement :) :D

Any ideas for managing multiple interests... do i keep adding info in 1 word doc or website links on an excel sheet???? what do i do... i come across such interesting things.... then i fear that if i dont save it somewhere, i wont find it again...... any ideas? Suggestion???



In this year so far i have learnt.... People only love you (if there is such a thing! anymore?!!), befriend you, are true to you - in so far as it suits them.
You in the equation become irrelevant... especially in front of their needs & wants... or whatever convulated logic works for them!

Lost someone very dear to me to the politics of life! Adieu my rock!