Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Natalie du Toit

I just read about: Natalie du Toit

stories of strengths are always found blossoming from tragedies beyond the known & accepted... History and every day shows - victories are in the making all around us.. how each of us will respond to a tragedy (our understanding of it) will define who we are and where we will allow that incident to take us.
will it become an element which eliminates or one which accelerates?
I always look back and wonder, if it weren't for the experiences i labeled bad! would i have become the person i am... would these characteristics - some which i love, and some which i don't, have manifested in this particular manner.

We read of so many success stories... but i wonder of the unsuccessful one's... no one writes about those. And who decided on the label... when does your or my story become a success? and until then, is there no uniqueness in our unsuccessful stories of struggle?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ride it (verse)

ride it (10th & 11th Nov 08/ when the day changed date at night)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ride it...flows around...a sea of music...

so you made another mistake
you broke your own heart into 2
now you sit too tired for tears

if there is beauty
you are blind to it tonight
if there is hope
its on the cover of your book

did life pass by
is it twilight already?

is laughter truly joy
or rudiments of shattered blessings?

imitation of intimacy
is it real anymore? is anything?

you fight the obvious
what are the odds of your winning?

bid adieu my friend
your time has come
go sleep
go away

no, no, no
don't come in my dreams
don't show me what is yours


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Diwali

TO all the visitors - friends, clients, readers, critiques & complimentors....
Best Wishes,
Team Isheeria

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


My wish to blog more often has seen no i am attempting to atleast do a monthly blog - a sort of a recap! and in my case, also introspect & review... thinking and day dreaming - some of my favourite pass times :)

wasnt feeling so lovely today, so finally updated my flickr n shelfari...

I have just finished reading 'The Orchid Hunter' by J.M. Landis (my rvw is on shelfari)...i was fascinated by Orchid hunters -- until this book i hadnt even known such a hunt existed....some googling later... i find it is true.. and the flowers are indeed beautiful.. the words in the novel were near accurate in descibing them.

September saw a lot of debates with my family re: my work... we all agree on progress just not the path to it.. and in my case, the amount of effort & time to be put in...

i suppose 1 must be born with a silver spoon to take life easy... choices are often based on too many considerations.. so much so that they take away from freedom & choice!

Sept began with a mountain of work @ office and very little time devoted to anything else. The month end sees a mountain of boredom instead.

Many things continue to be pending - tasks/ discussions/ books/ decisions/ attitudes/ changes...

perhaps, October will bring closure & some new beginnings too....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

waiting to exhale!

the image... suspended mid-air from a firm rope... paddling around trying to push back air n move forward!!!! FOOL!!!

how many full circles can 1 do? how many times can the same experience happen? what could i possibly not be learning?

where does the day go? and all those other days too? 24 hours of what? how many moments spent in living the hassles of others, and how many loving the weather? where do you go moment to moment?

some songs, like Karunesh's 'aao hazoor' has the most haunting melody and lovely instrumental .. and for those 7 minutes you can transport yourself to any place in the world... i do...everytime... and invariably go to the same place....!

quote i liked:

Perhaps imagination is only intelligence having fun. ~George Scialabra

mind blocks = fears frozes in our heads from past experiences which didnt quite work out as we had hoped...

and 2nd you/ we/ I still believe in them?

do you think i should just change the way i blog?

and this is it... crux of the matter... my mind (like this blog today) is all over the place.. and jumping from 1 to another non-related topic....and the link unclear!


Friday, May 23, 2008

Sunday, February 17, 2008

16 & 17 Feb

I have had a busy weekend so far, and if it hadnt been for work today - I would have probably been out all day attenting programs... I realised, all these 'programs' have a purpose, message or some progress they are trying to establish, and so 1 must spend atleast a few thoughts reflecting on the event.... I will henceforth, attempt to THINK about the things i do, the places i go, the programs i watch - and observe my reflections! surely, there is much to be learnt from everything!!!

Even to dislike something or like something - to have an opinion - you must experience it - only then is your Opinion genuine & rightfully yours to share & not just based on hearsay!

Friday, February 15, 2008

15 Feb

I have observed & experienced - energy is a communicable disease!
I come into work all awake and see people sprawled on their chairs, and a few hours later thats the pose i am in too - - being around sleepy ppl makes me sleepy... even thought i have slept my whole 8 hours!

It is true, life passes you by while you are busy with meanigless tasks & obsessions.... we participate sometimes in conversations that lead no where, which are forgotten sooner than the echo of the last sentence!
We become so comfortable in the known that we dont even realise when we become when 1 is bored should'nt 1 be actually looking at branching out....

Note to self: Nothing will be served on a platter....silver or not!