Sunday, December 31, 2006


In Retrospect:
As was predicted, 2006 was indeed a year of chaos n much change - and at the end- TODAY, when i do look back, i agree that (again as predicted) I am happy with the changes and progress i have made at all fronts - personal and professional.

I am definitely wiser than the year before... and ready to build a life on my terms.
I am not undermining the forces of nature and I shall as always, bow to the will of my lord.
Now I choose to not bow to human forces...
Perhaps, being a little selfish is compulsory for survival.

It has taken me many years of dreaming about, but i finally worked up the courage and got something beautiful and meaningful made - it will be a part of me from now on to forever.... this was on : Friday, 15 December 2006 - Chennai, India

It is WONDERFUL to not have regrets when i look back at 2006 :-) HOOORRAAAAHHHHH!!!

What I learnt from 2006 -
Not much is in your hands, only how fast you accept and absorb it and then move on...
The only decision to be made is : do I react or respond?

Knowing thyself ... and own limits and limitations - and then BREAK the MOULD!

I will come across diverse experiences and people - what i bring back from those interactions is upto me

Building GOOD memories is a simple decision - once you choose, you start viewing everything through a keleidoscope of memories labeled as: fun/ happy/ naughty/ learning/ interesting/ brain add/ value add.... so on n so forth!

Next year - 2007!

A year, I hope of growth, Learning and moving on... of joys, fate supported wonderous destiny!!!



How was your 2006?