Friday, November 20, 2009

B +ve

Be DEAF when people tell YOU that YOU can not fulfil YOUR dreams!
Always think:
I can do this!
(from d frog story)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

so far so good! n then thinking some more.... until i realise i dont remember what i was thinking about to begin with!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

-awe-inspiring blog! -awe-inspiring blog!

somedays, you come across blogs which talk abt a life so different and pictorial stories so lovely - that you forget all that is daily struggle and move onto a very different plain!
Thanks Rajraman ( for sharing :)

Monday, July 06, 2009

a new fancy!

What I like best... when i catch a new fancy, a new hobby, a new interest... it just rev's up my life and day... I can feel the excitement :) :D

Any ideas for managing multiple interests... do i keep adding info in 1 word doc or website links on an excel sheet???? what do i do... i come across such interesting things.... then i fear that if i dont save it somewhere, i wont find it again...... any ideas? Suggestion???



In this year so far i have learnt.... People only love you (if there is such a thing! anymore?!!), befriend you, are true to you - in so far as it suits them.
You in the equation become irrelevant... especially in front of their needs & wants... or whatever convulated logic works for them!

Lost someone very dear to me to the politics of life! Adieu my rock!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Have a Mentor... Be a Mentor

A quick read - interesting!

who is your mentor?
i think we all have different mentor's at different times, for different spaces in time & mind!

quick update

To : A, A, S, S, J & S, S, P, M, etc [sorry! cant write e'1's names today] .... (wonderful women in my life! who nag me none-the-less!)
{i just realised, many of my friends have names starting with 'S' - coincidence? u have a different theory?}
so i know some times it seems like i am crazy... but the fact is, i usually am! its not by choice!
I am trying to be and do... but, something has set me back!
and though life has taught me, & I usually do jump back - it is taking me time! so, i dont mean to ignore u... I am just trying to get on with life...and so i am not calling and writing as much as i used to.... it's only coz i am trying to find me - the me of small joys and in love with sunshine :)

so, dear girl friends - be patient! i will be back - hopefully, sooner than later :)

work - is crazy! and hectic! and the work days are being increased from next month (call me, and i will tell u all about it! n how i feel abt it too!)....

my dear friend- Simran (another S!) - got married this month - it was good fun, she looked gorgeous and we all dressed up :) - would u believe it - we forgot! to take snaps! so, you will just have to believe me when i say - 'we (I) looked lovely' :p

can't believe she is finally married and will be doing domestic chores! i cant wait to hear the horrors! LOL!

Hope - this is enough of an update! now u know! so, stop pestering me about blogging! :)

& by the way - you ALL need to update your blogs too!

good day :)