Sunday, April 22, 2007


It has been a hectic 3 weeks for me.... was bossom buddies with frustration and exasperation and near hopelessness.

I have another 5 weeks to go before I can breathe easy - It's scary to be honest...even my mum worries if physically i can cope with such a demanding schedule... luckily she does not question by ability or intellect!

So, its rather interesting that i came across the quote on FEAR....

some more things i learned:
  • you have to learn to say NO - I dont as yet, but i must begin - its a question of survival - you cant be what everyone else wants at the cost of losing out on things you want!
  • I need my 8 hours of sleep, some peace n me time, some fun time
  • My Diary - has helped me be organised and structured! - else in the clutter of my schedule i would have become synonymous with chaos!
  • Not all opportunities need to be taken - some have to be left, some approached at a later stage when u can accomodate it better in the event that it takes off n is successful


The new traffic rules are difficult - especially the no phone calls while driving!!! This law has pretty much brought my communication to a grinding halt!

right now, i have so many things on my platter, and not enough time to work on them in the manner i would prefer! what to do? what to do? how to manage all and do them justice too???

I await some insight! a light bulb moment!

Summers are here.... in the afternoons' when I return from work - even the poor a/c throws lukewarm air!

until later,

Summer is here... can spring be far behind :)

Quote on Fear

After a very long time, I took out the time (d only way really to find time) and browsed 1 of my favourite sites - I came across this quote... and wanted to share it!

"I saw a great quote on a church sign about a year ago that has always stuck with me: Fear is a prison we make for ourselves. That is a truthful and powerful statement. Fear can hold us back from our dreams, and it is just an imaginary prison that we make for ourselves. Once you take the first step past it, though, you see it isn't so scary after all."

— judyanni