Sunday, November 04, 2007

looking at October

My mum keeps asking if i have met any1!!! I havent - the fact that I am not looking notwithstanding... and its confusing when you cant seperate some1 being friendly from some1 actually flirting. So, I stick to being friendly!

I think NY is like a layered cake! The experiences keep changing - every week i see more, understand more, my opinions change...its a roller coaster ride!
NJ is pleasant - its the sub lifestyle...
i love my life in India - coz i have the best of both world's - when I need the hustle bustle a'la NY - I step out n go shopping/ sightseeing/ partying with my friends... when i want suburbia - I stay at home, take a cup of tea, sit on my balcony - look at at the trees and the neighbors kids playing and reading intermittently...perhaps with some music playing in the background - sometimes just the local radio station! :)

My stay has extended than originally planned, and I dont know how to handle the cold winds... If i wear a coat - its too much, if i dont - its too less!

I did have BEER at OKTOBERFEST !!! :)

I have experienced (being the recipient off) first hand the difference between being friends with and being friendly - in this place, everyone is friendly and polite... and thats it.
I fear, we in delhi, are becoming like this too... more often than not i see people paying lip service and then going home and forgetting about it!

Definitely, the life is tougher here, I cant believe I spend 3 hours of my life every day in just travelling!
I see people here, older than my grandma, hopping onto the bus, walking the blocks, carrying their own (big) bags! The only thing my grandma carries is here tiny! bag with some cash and jewels!

I love the trees in autumn - they look gorgeous.
I like the fact that people leave at 6pm - sharp! long hours are not a sign of dedication... You get to keep your job anyway, even if you leave a little early - everyday! As LONG AS you finish your work!
and the option of choosing your shift - so there is an 8 to 4:30 pm shift... part of the reason i like my job back home - these are our timings - so even if i get stuck in a meeting - on a usualy day i can hope to get home by 5:30pm!

I had the most amazing weekend which i spent at my aunt's place - aunty and uncle are beautiful people - it was almost like sitting at the dining table with one's own parents...
I have never known a father, it is precious to me that uncle took the time out to have tea with me - talk about various things - ADVICE me... if i do well, they will not benefit! how selfless of them to be genuine... I may never be able to pay them back in kind!
Is this what it is like to have a dad? someone who doesnt let you take the bus coz its raining?