Thursday, September 18, 2008

waiting to exhale!

the image... suspended mid-air from a firm rope... paddling around trying to push back air n move forward!!!! FOOL!!!

how many full circles can 1 do? how many times can the same experience happen? what could i possibly not be learning?

where does the day go? and all those other days too? 24 hours of what? how many moments spent in living the hassles of others, and how many loving the weather? where do you go moment to moment?

some songs, like Karunesh's 'aao hazoor' has the most haunting melody and lovely instrumental .. and for those 7 minutes you can transport yourself to any place in the world... i do...everytime... and invariably go to the same place....!

quote i liked:

Perhaps imagination is only intelligence having fun. ~George Scialabra

mind blocks = fears frozes in our heads from past experiences which didnt quite work out as we had hoped...

and 2nd you/ we/ I still believe in them?

do you think i should just change the way i blog?

and this is it... crux of the matter... my mind (like this blog today) is all over the place.. and jumping from 1 to another non-related topic....and the link unclear!