Tuesday, October 30, 2007

reality tv - cant watch it

Can you believe the CRAP these reality shows are?
n i only check 'em out to have an opinion - if i like i stay with em, but some...you HAVE to change the channel...for instance:
The Bachelor - one feels so sorry for these women - if this is true... and if it is staged - then i feel even more sorry for all of them... relationships are tough enough without national embarassment and disgrace!
and are they actually suggesting and showing the bachelor sleeping with the FINALISTS (reality anyone?) of the show... oh, thank god for the good 'ol fashioned saga of love and lust and batting eye lashes and blushes and dates and cakes...!

Friday, October 19, 2007


sometimes, time isnt enough... can I afford to forget...should i move on - only to find i have set myself up again? for until i can forgive and trust again... chances will always have the same results...
sometimes, distance - time or space makes reality fade, the ugly truth takes on the sheen of healthy undercurrents... but, when I come face to face with the prince - he is still the ugly monster who wants to eat my heart for dessert (I am not even the main course!)...
....d story continues....

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Updates...mid month-Sept

After the lights of NY...NJ seems alian... I mean NJ is quiter than even the outskirts of any of our cities...in almost all indian cities/towns and villages(here, i guess),in the evenings, you will always see some children playing, some people strolling out on the streets, you can hear people and families...here, by the time i come back - 8pm!!!! {what is 8pm i ask you?} there are some (read:2-3) people waiting for a bus into NY and ONLY cars on the streets rushing towards their destinations (offcourse, they ALL spare a cursory glance for me - which is a change, pleasant or not, from NY where people would go right through me if they could!...i wonder, what they must think of this woman carrying a back pack like a kid and a purse like a lady and standing at a gas station corner!)....I digress...time for a color change...NJ is a pleasant surprise...well, atleast the part i am in... and a b'ful name like meadowlands... oh, and today i made my 1st acquintance...with dr.s/proffs no less! and they looked just like normal ppl (this comment comes from my complete inaptitude at anything academic but a dream of being well read and an intellectual -- some day!)....

It has dawned on me:
--Fruits are also FOOD for vegetarians!
-- the commute is worth it for the scenic view :)
-- too much diet coke is STILL a lot of soda! and it causes a tummy upset!
-- I have no concept of $ (I u'stand Rs.100 vs. Rs. 10 but not $10 vs. $1.....)

My progress so far:
--I have understood the concept of uptown/downtown... and as long as i am in manhattan - i can get around! once i know the complete address that is!
-- I have found a good and economical b'fast place -- and which doesnt serve burnt coffee or bagels (unlike the deli next door to my previous hotel)
-- This city - like all others - has its good and bad.... the ugly -luckily i havent seen...(plz! say! tOUcH wOoD :)

Things which fascinate me/ make me want to jump off my yatra vahan (journey vehicle) and go CliCk....cLicK....cLICk.....:

a restaurant in central part with angel lights and lanters...MaGik...I did take pics - i just hope to come out as awesome as the experience

statue of liberty - saw it from the cruise ship... I want to go look closer... I am surprised i found such an overused piece of sculpture to be so fascinating!

homes done up for Halloween.. this is something i have never seen before...the houses look like homes... so comfortable and inviting...truly havens!
(tho' this does leave me wondering - if u r sitting inside yr house - how r u enjoying the garden/window display).... are these for us?
My commuting and travelling is so worth it... i am exploring parts of this city which as a tourist i wouldnt have...

I am very glad in this 1 trip i am getting to experience both lifestyles here in US -the madness of NY - the heart and pulse.... and the suburbs... both lives are so different...yet overlap...

i didnt think i would stay here so long... and I wonder if I have managed to cover a lot here or not! I definitely appreciate this place more each day... I like this place more than when i got here....now all i need is 10,000 - pick yr currency ($/Rs.) a few days off and i will get you reels and reels of AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

world vision

...You may not be able to change the world...but you can change the world for 1 person...
~World Vision (donate.org)

Monday, October 08, 2007


According to Wiki:
Roots of the word have been defined, as Richard Lederer writes in his book Crazy English as follows: super- "above," cali- "beauty," fragillistic- "delicate," expeali- "to atone," and docious- "educable," with the sum of these parts signifying roughly "Atoning for educatability through delicate beauty." This explication of its connotations suits the fictional character of Mary Poppins, in that she presents herself as both superlatively beautiful and also supremely intelligent and capable of great achievements. ....HUH!!!

Well, I knew I could not be in New York and not see a BROADWAY show... I mean these are the kind of things which become the highlights of a trip... make some of the most amazing memories of life... and was I right....so, I spend saturday - catching up on my sleep, then going on a nice bus tour of downtown (I think!) - I still have to do the other side - uptown!?

So, I went and saw 'MARY POPPINS' - its fabulous... I would recommned everyone to check it out atleast once.... I mean WOW! I didnt know theatre could be like this... I mean I have attended some theatre in Delhi, both professional and amateur... but I have seen nothing like this... the acting! the music! the songs - oh, b'ful, wonderful songs!... a spoonful of sugar anyone!

hmm... I also went to Madame Tussauds - freaky...glad I went once! oh, n did get a pic with Brad/Angeline!

saw the statue of liberty... definitely something u want to go visit - like a picnic trip - I do wish I'd had more time to spend looking at it... a very interesting piece of art... the movies never really prepare u for the real thing! v. b'ful experience! made me wish i had a zoom-in camera for some good shoots of the art work.

oh, HATE the FOOD here.... considering I am a foodie - this has been a nightmare... If I ever had any thoughts of someday in my remote future I might consider moving to US as a career move - I now dont see it happening... tho' never saw never n all... but it will have to be something VERY Irresistable!

Weather in NY is nice this time of the year - Its like a Bangalore summer... it still is... I like it... you can walk around without sweating like a pig.... oh, yea! n anyone can tell I am a tourist...I just stand on the sidewalks n stare at the architecture n shops windows around me....and I am sooo HAPPY to realise I can buy all these things back home... the only thing we dont have is a BROADWAY! but, then Dan's plays are excellent - so, maybe there is still hope for our city of djinns!!!

offcourse, the only ppl I do know in US are in Texas!!!! Could we still be any farther away! atleast, when u r in different continents u know its impossible... but when u r in the same country yet to be so far!!!! interesting... and irritating... and try explaining to your school friends why u cant just drop in for the weekend in tx from ny.... and u dont even want to go into your $ budget! d other school frnds r now in Canada... and offcourse, my 2.....2.... TWO.....!!!!Best Friends are in Delhi on the 1 weekend I am not there!

oh, I bought the latest O - Oprah magazine... a FIRST for me... I completely think this lady is awesome... I may not always agree with her views... but it doesnt stop me from appreciating strength of character and DISCIPLINE...which I sadly still lack....
another person who I find is fascinating is Alankrita.... the woman must have secret duracell batteries in her! how do u do a doctorate, work as a lowly worm in the labs, be a good student, a good wife and still find time to call a not-realy-as-yet-a-friend... and still retain humour and the time to blog and yes, read GAP coupons!... I mean...WOW.....do u sleep at all???

Shelly and Anubhuti and Shruti on the other hand have completely abandoned me.. they have disappeared... If u r reading this.... BOO!!!!

oh, WORK is GREAT as usual - completely over whelming, dry and boring... makes me wish I was a magician! a tap of my wand on the laptop... n voila! all reports complete! and PERFECT!

hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... the highlight: a apple scented shampoo.... this is Life... humbling... humourous... it makes u laugh.. it sure makes u cry... and the end, u can only be thankful u r still human....


There is something so speccial about writing with an ink pen on nice paper... somehow, makes e'thing so much rosy :)

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Fact- I have lost many of my friends lately.... oh, we are very polite about it, but just soo busy with our lives that we are unavailable...n so i count them as acquintances but friends - - there needs to be more!
the philosophy behind this: ppl serve their purpose in life, once they have taught their lesson - they move on....

in the last 2-3 days, 2 ppl have referred to me as jaded... n they sure werent talking about my green earings...

how much self we give away without realising it. until not much is left...

dreams are magic....they make u invincible for u believe!

paradox life

The more things change the more they remain the same... .the further you go down a road, the more you recognise land marks from places visited before, the more I run towards my future the more I find myself in the past...

paradox is life...