Monday, September 24, 2007

Videshi Yatra! -23 Sept 07

So, I love travelling, ans since this trip is a big deal for me on many levels - i thought i would blog it n capture it... A travelougue of my days here in the US.

I arrived today morning...sunday, 23rd September 2007...
loong flight (for someone travelling outside india for the 1st time - 15 hours!!!!) was a lil scared of the air-hostesses...they r so serious n umm, makes u almost apologise for calling them... filled out multiple forms, stood in so many lines that i am convinced i lost some weight!!!
no no, dont worry, I aint losing those precious kilos..i had a cheese cake post dinner to make up for it! n man was it worth it! I wonder WHY until NOW i hadnt discovered Cheesecake!

oh, they actually charge u for the luggage trolley at the airport!!! weird eh?

I am in town in time for the United Nations meet n there is a lot of news coverage of the visit by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.... its impact on me... the gridlock in the coming week will impact the travel routes... n i still have to figure out d way from my hotel to office - the shortest n economical 1....instead i think over the next 1 week i will explore NY city through detours n spend a lot of time ogling at the buildings n marvelling at the architecture (!)

obviosly, my clock is still somewhere over europe! i feel like the matrix hour... neend nahi aati hai... n then can wake up....ended up running late for dinner!
went to an exclusive italian restaurant (cant remember the name - if i find out i will update) -- decent food...Yummy cheesecake, v. nice latte :) , LIVE PIANO music... apparently u can only get a reservation here thru' shhhh... jaan-pehchaan!

so many places i want to visit... heading the list : Starbucks n Barnes n noble - should be able to cover these 2 trow!

well, good night, dear blog....until trow :)