Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Normal Days

Originally, i'd thought i'd blog my thoughts, and experiences. But in a hectic life, where you feel like you are just managing between work-food-and barely enough sleep. The last thing you want is to write about the boredom/non-action/non-achievements of your days.

Normal life isnt boring, but if its lived at break neck speed - it doesn't give you time to really reflect on your day, or your experiences and actions. It doesnt give you a moment to appreciate the normalcy - and that what is the true fact - normal is good, and to be appreciated :)

today, managed to get up 15 mins early ( I take no credit, the lack of electricity was the reason) - I did enjoy  it well - Put on some radio, sat outside with mum, enjoyed a cup of tea and the lovely weather :)

then offcourse, back to the rush rush rush of getting to work and getting things done :)