Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ride it (verse)

ride it (10th & 11th Nov 08/ when the day changed date at night)

drum...beats....music.... ride it...flows around...a sea of music...

so you made another mistake
you broke your own heart into 2
now you sit too tired for tears

if there is beauty
you are blind to it tonight
if there is hope
its on the cover of your book

did life pass by
is it twilight already?

is laughter truly joy
or rudiments of shattered blessings?

imitation of intimacy
is it real anymore? is anything?

you fight the obvious
what are the odds of your winning?

bid adieu my friend
your time has come
go sleep
go away

no, no, no
don't come in my dreams
don't show me what is yours


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