Sunday, February 17, 2008

16 & 17 Feb

I have had a busy weekend so far, and if it hadnt been for work today - I would have probably been out all day attenting programs... I realised, all these 'programs' have a purpose, message or some progress they are trying to establish, and so 1 must spend atleast a few thoughts reflecting on the event.... I will henceforth, attempt to THINK about the things i do, the places i go, the programs i watch - and observe my reflections! surely, there is much to be learnt from everything!!!

Even to dislike something or like something - to have an opinion - you must experience it - only then is your Opinion genuine & rightfully yours to share & not just based on hearsay!


  1. I echo your thoughts!
    Btw, I am back to life. Wanna catch up sometime?

  2. You been tagged!