Thursday, February 22, 2007

truly insignificant = bank loans

If you ever want to experience your true insignificance - try to get a loan to buy something which means something to you emotionally... the amount of stories ( u tell and r told!), documents required (almost as if you are going to run away with their ((india's?) money - leaving behind your home/job/family/ if!!!)), interest rates (baba re! you would think the bank eats from the money interests generate!)...and the delays.... mid week the bank was off, the concerned people are in a meeting (??), their systems are down!!! so on and so forth....
I have now reached a point where:
1 - I have left it on God... if it is to be it shall be... else, its only photocopied papers!
2 - I will never get emotional about things UNTIL my loan is approved
3 - savings may be better utilised....let it sit in the bank and EARN interest instead!!!!

hmmm.... I am sure somewhere in all these lengthy processes, it is the customer who is supposed to benefit... as soon as i realise/ receive even an itsy bitsy benefit - I will definitely record it for posterity!!

on this hopeful note.... Good evening!

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  1. Now that you've got the car gurl, CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    When are we going for a ride?