Tuesday, November 16, 2004

mon-15 nov

so its monday, here's the update:
went fr the meetings on last to last fri... got the work frm 1 and got selected in the other.... its lots of hard work and lil pay..but i guess when 1 doesnt have an option... as they say, beggards cant be choosers!!!!

hv bn in office now for 12 hours..tired... am feeling a lil low....will probably go fr a smoke now...mayb will feel better then!...so much so for my plans to quit ...well atleast i have managed to really reduce it!!!
well, have been meaning to lots of things.. as usual not managed much of anything except for crisis stuff....i am becoming a fire fighter..cant say its a good thing!!!

am planning to go off on a 1-month long holiday in April and re-evaluate myself and my life....
now i am thinking i need to take a holiday and get away asap..tho' what and where i dunno kno!!

will try and blog more often...got to start some hobby. got to sleep less and find more time!!!!

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