Wednesday, June 08, 2005

WHY do you hate living beings?

Animals... are wonderful beings.. they are part of our eco-system, our companions, and for many part of our families, yet, people find justification for ill - treating them, hunting them, killing them and then eating them!

I have seen many a family who keeps pets, dogs, cats, even birds, and then mechanically, without probably thinking, eat eggs and meat this not hypocrisy???

I guess when u have grown up eating something and u r used to it.. it is a difficult habit to leave... but isnt it actually as simple as making a decision.... to not be a non-vegetarian....and then being disciplined enough to stick with your decision...

this is offcourse an old debate, one i have had many a time over with many a friends... they r still my friends offcourse, but somewhere i have started wondering what kind of people are we, that we knowingly do a wrong (my perspective!) , and then find ample justification and excuses for it!
I have yet to come across a non-vegetarian who atleast has the guts to say, 'yes, this is wrong, and fine, i am choosing to be a non-vegetarian nonetheless'..... but, i guess when one eats so many guts, its hardly surprising if one's own guts are indistinguishable!

WHY is it so difficult to live and let live... why must we kill.... does being human, and having the sharper tools/ weapons give us the right to kill.... who elected man God? howcome you get to decide which animal will live or die.. but we will not take a stand on anything (else?) important....

one reads a lot about opinions floating around about how a rapist should be served justuce.... but no one tries to play God and actually make a decision.... whereas this is a serious issue as well... and surely we as humans are more concerned about other humans... our mothers/ daughter/ sisters etc than other animals!!!

but does anyone get up and take a stand... nope.... does one try to be politically correct... absolutely!!!!

it saddens me to realise that we are a group of educated (!!!! another over-rated virtue) people, who have an opinion on everything, but belief in nothing!

one does not have to do great actions to show his belief.... even small things make a difference.... boondh boondh se banta hein samundar (drop by drop becomes a river/sea) i believe....

So, I stand and make a decision, stand by my belief and don't waver in the face of ridicule or pressure by my colleagues or friends or any others.... doesnt mean i have great resources of determination or perseverance... just that i have thought about it and find no justification in being a non-vegetarian.... or in ill-treating or allowing the mis-treatment of others.... animals, which includes us HUMBLE mammals as well!!!!

Is it so difficult not to eat an egg... if its for the protein... drink milk!
is it so difficult to stop your car and honk, so the animal (dog/ cow/ goat) will get out of your way.... if its coz you are in a hurry.... well, leave home 5 mins earlier!
is it so difficult to be kind to another person... if its your ego.. .go to the psychiatrist!

and if you do it to keep the balance.... well be balanced first.... think and then decide.... being NICE and FAIR are not victorian virtues to read about and show off as traits one has, but actual attitudes/ actions one must and ought to try out.....

please do think about it... if you make a change even once.. it will make a difference to a life somewhere... perhaps you may have spared a life, or made one more day easier for someone, somewhere....!


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