Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Thoughts on opportunities + free verse!

How come things just change suddenly? your day is going fine, n then poof!!! your boss says something nasty/ demeaning n u plunge into uncertainty, your stomach starts churning n your head starts hurting!!! I wonder, is there a name for such a management style?

Sometimes, opportunities come to you while you are sitting at home! n u dont (can't? - does it matter?) catch it immedietely and process (!) coz u dont hv the time!!!! - - now, this is what i call an ironic twisted reality... when opportunity comes calling, and you are busy/ circumstance bound....etc....the point is, 1 gets to it asap, but is asap the right way to approach and take care of an opportunity? n what when your asap is not soon enough ???

I wonder do we even realise how many times, and how many opportunities we have missed/ have passed us by coz of our own foolhardiness... coz while we were being responsible and taking care of our circumstance (or is it perspective?) bound existence, we perhaps were sightless and the opportunity just sat there, or went on by on it's merry way unsighted/ unseen and (definitely) unforeseen!!!

Oh! merry are those days of innocence...
where every castle is perfect (sand or air)
every pie baked is golden
and every time
your heart takes flight
it doesnt wonder just wanders...

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