Saturday, May 28, 2005

hectic days...travelogues...

Hectic days... filled with lots of activity... does it represent a full life or just a busy life... I guess the difference is what the person feels for the activity... some are just things that need doing.. some are things that one enjoys doing... either ways one is in a state of activity...which is wonderful, except that these days i am looking for some peace and quiet...some ME time to just laze around n do nothing except maybe listen to some music, oil my hair and read a book....

Travelogues - my latest discovery and love.... they are a wonderful way of exploring a new place and the people, traditions and the very culture which saturates the place.... while reading I feel like I am the author for i feel as if i am living the written words.... this is a tribute to both the author and offcourse to a sensitive reader such as me! heheheeeee :-0

I hope to start writing of my days... in a reflective, humourous light.. so that I may look back n relive the wonder of my days... like reading a well written book of someone's life... which is funny, earthy and real.... and I hope my story will emerge!!!!

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