Friday, May 27, 2005

27th...1st 2 hrs

well, another year has begun... to say the last 2 hours (it's 2 am) have been very exciting is an exagerration, but they have not been bad... just about everyone on my ops floor came n wished me :-) n my bosses took me to the cafeteria for snickers... yummy... sweet of them to take me for chocolates and a walk... n we gossiped... heheee... i didnt think I was a gossiper... but i do so love a good story!!!!

Finally, worked up the courage n told gm what i'd like from him.... poor soul... i dont think he quite knew what hit him... but it was soo totally hilarious to see his expressions... if something comes of it.. i think i will have good fun!!!!

Good calls from some expected friends... was not expecting Narain would call, i didnt think he'd even remember! but cute guy called me n wished n all.... so did madhulika... n thn off course i gave her phone call to all the other TL's n AM n mgr to wish her too... she was cursing me coz it ran up her bill.. n i guess she was justified in wanting the ppl to call n wish her... but i think she shld just b happy that she got soo many was funny too.... n surprisingly sushant knew it was my bday n called too.. n posted msg too on ryze!

taru, garima, abhishek all sent sms's on the dot!

am very happy that the year started with me LAUGHING....lots of laughter...n i am still smiling 2 hours later...

excited abt trow evening... lets see what happens.. n if anything happens with that cafe cutie!!!

oh my god... i am becoming sooo naughty.... though it doesnt hurt that others initiate and reciprocate!!!!

to say that today i am in a better place in life i think is a fair and accurate statement... n to say that i can FEEL and SEE my life improving a very accurate prediction of life from now on....

God Bless... and to lovely days n moments ahead!!!!


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