Friday, October 22, 2004

fri morning - blogin after long!

Hi... blogging after a long time... everyday i think of blogging but then i dont coz i dont really have anything to say... my mind has just been void.... no emotions per se... just am not really sure.. past couple of days has been a blur!
well, the GOOD thing - i have finished 'The Da Vinci Code'... amazing book.. after a really long time i read something i cldnt put down..i just had to keep going back to it!
well, next i dont know what i will read... but it sure has made me realise how very little i do know about a lot of things....:-(

well, LIFe is still the same.. ni change ... no improvements..... ALL my friends are playing up.. i guess its what they say, when u change, your old friends dont relate to you anymore and thus dont know how to handle you...etc etc.... net, it saddens me that my friends are behaving like this.... n i realise that probably thru this transit when i move forward i shall be alone.. and that at some level does sadden me :(

well, somedays, like these days, it is blaringly clear how stark my life is, how alone i am... i dont know why these lessons are happening... but i am afraid of never coming out of this... will i ever come out of this? will my dreams ever be a reality or will i always just dream?????

this melancholy seems to be my abode permanently.....

hmm....... dont know what to do.. dont know the way out.... dont know much.... right now, dont know anything!!!!!

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