Monday, September 27, 2004

y is my 100% not enuf? y is it that i have soo many painful lessons to learn? when will i get a break.. is my life only abt pay back....just when i was beginning to trust that life had changed.. that better times where nearly on my doorstep..... a tornado came n broke my life apart...........

life was about pain
it was filled with tears
& then you came along and gave me hope
i thought we were meant to be
i thought it was forever
you showed me what it was like to share
share a part of oneself
share a part of ones heart
you showed me how special we were
you gave me hope
you made me trust again....

well, i guess life is about slaps, knocks and then standing up again, slipping and falling with a thud on the wet ground below and look up at the open skies throught the torn roof of my house, with the rain streaming down my face, and looking for some sign of GOD in the skies above, perhaps behind one cloud or another?

HOw many more years will i suffer? the tears of my soul are drying up now, and then what?

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