Sunday, September 26, 2004

List-26 sept!

ok....just lost the whole blog i wrote coz the power just went!!! so i doubt i am going to re-write as well as i had done earlier, but the point is, i have been thinking of things, n never get arnd to do it coz either i forgot or i simply dont have the time!!!!
so, i hope by putting it down, i will hopefuly get things done....

i think i just need to accept that i only have time to spare in the weekend, so perhaps i should not set expectations of myself to do stuff during the week when i dont hv the time or energy to do so.... i am just setting myself up to feel, WILL STOP SETTING UNREALISTIC EXPECTATION FOR MYSELF - n this is point 1!!!!

* being realistic and setting goals accordingly
* gotta start drinking more water
*lose weight - there i have said it, now i gotta do something abt it!
* follow up and COMPLETE the prg i have signed up fr, fr wt loss!
*come up with some exercise plan i can follow without cheating on it!!!
*Join a bk club - hv sent request, lets see whether i get invited - if yes, GREAT, if not, gotta sign up fr an online club - + share this idea with debs
*start carrying my camera arnd agn.....
{the other day, at work, saw this beautiful sight, a butterfly resting on the white wall, with the sunlight falling on her through the glass window and a potted plant underneath her.... it was breathtakingly beautiful in its simplicity... and i could not capture it coz i wasnt carrying my camera...a definite regret :-( .....}
*read the unofficial biography of Madonna.... been a little slow with it in the past.... so, gotta got on with it....n not lose the thread... otherwise will have to read it all over agn!

hmm... .this is the LIST for now.... looks long but its real simple stuff... lets see what i manage to do though!!!

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