Friday, September 03, 2004

Growing up

I am growing up, i can feel myself changing... this is something i am truly grateful for:
1 - the ability to change
2- the ability to be conscious of changes and my own rhythms
i dont know what my gifts are, but i feel my truth coming to the fore, i feel that 1 of these days i am going to come face to face with myself....
i think along the way i forgot myself, and my core being - perhaps thats why life gave me 2 tight slaps, to bring me back - connect with myself - to stop lying to myself that i can adjust with any life.. for the fact is - I AM WHO AND WHAT I AM -and i have my DREAMS and i am not apologetic for it, and i dont think i am going to give up so damn easy on them.. i dont think life is about bending over, being flexible - ya sure, but not letting the world or even those close to you walk all over you!!!!
well... i think i am going through a transition period - it is difficult but i find my sight becoming clearer....

well.. until more revelations, and changes in perspectives... .god speed to me :-)

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