Wednesday, September 22, 2004

as i promised myself, wld take out some time to BLOG this week.... well, status over weekend - work done, sleep caught up, no good stuff on TV .... I have been thinking, when all this is over, probably by around march 2005... then i will go on vacation - a 1 FULL month vacation... maybe even quit my job n just hang in the air.. direction less n see where my thoughts and life..or is it destiny, takes me.... so, to take this vacation thought further, i am thinking, mayb i can finally follow my dream of going to Sikkim and visit the monastries.... i just need to do some reaearch on google and get my facts straight n then plan...... n hopefully, by march 2005 - financial restraints will not be so restraining!!! heheeeheeee, and so i can go for a HOLIDAY!!!!
ah, and my comp.. its ok, though working on the net was difficult... will need to get the comp chkd up or something,,,, until then will have to rely on my lovely comp at work!!!!
gtg now, back to work, my team is waiting for me......... later....

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