Monday, September 27, 2004

workaholic-nope, not me

well, i dont think i am a workaholic.. for many days i toyed with the idea that the kind of hours i am putting in might b coz of this... but well the reasons are instead personal, and i guess if you think abt it.. its shameful, i am being like a child... running away, hiding from the reality of my personal life.... but, till when can i run?...

the imbalance is within me even now, for a few days i had forgotten, but the truth is u can bury feelings.. but they dont just go away on their own... u hv to face them, deal with them... n i guess then the balance i seek, the peace i need i will find within!

i have heard from numerous sources, that writing/ journaling (n so i guess it naturally extends to blogging) is a GOOD TOOL to deal with LIFE through things and HEAL.... well, i am still waiting!!!

well, this is it fr right now.... lets see if later tonite i feel like blogging some more... my hands are hurtung agn... i dnt kno what is wrong with them!!!!

well, i been thinking a lot as usual.... thats all i seem to DO anyway... its not like i am achieving much in life.... i wish that things get better now... i would really like to live a good, decent life now.... well, GOD are you listening??? i hope so....

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