Saturday, May 05, 2007

need friend - wanna study

I: I am thinking of studying further
A: ok! have u thought what u want to do?
I: yeah, I have my course picked out - just dont know about the speacialisation....
A: oh, ok, so if u know what u want to do; then all u need is moral support...

Now, post this conversation with a very supportive (and cute) friend about my worries of persuing anything resembling books - stydying - exams !!!!- I am thinking - no 1 told me this was a support thing too - n that made so much sense... we always find it easier to achieve those personal goals in which we have a friend encouraging us from the sidelines - egging us on - believing that we can do it! so even when in fear and doubt - u call each other - over a telephone call get a shot of courage and get back on the proverbial horse - and manage somehow, perhaps just barely to MEET your goal.

so, if I do decide to persue further stydying in any area - part of my success strategy will be putting my friend support structure in place - before i begin - ensuring my ability to stick to my path even in tremelous times!!!

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