Wednesday, April 05, 2017

#AtoZChallenge - #ThemeReveal - Dark Poetry

Jumping into the AtoZ Challenge Late - I know :-)
But, I will be caught up - That also I know :-)
Alrightty, that's the end of the positivity for this post!

I have been hankering to do a series on DARK POETRY!
(Dark Poetry is: Poetry which romanticizes sadness & depression - Poems which have a certain darkness & melancholy which can be fascinating and cathartic - & can also be delightful!).

& with real life & my serious series for the AtoZChallenge on my work website, my own reading and writing has taken a back seat.

So today, while sipping coffee, and feeling the  joy of reading so many fantastic blogs (like seriously, people on this planet can write!), I decided to plunge ahead, and make my life more difficult, for I feel INSPIRED! and what better way to motivate me to write, than to participate with hundreds (thousands) of other bloggers, and have the structure of the Alphabet to inspire!

this is what I will be doing-
                           A maiden attempt at all 3 things - 

1. Participating in THE Blog Challenge AtoZChallenge

2. Regular blogging here - My Journal for randomness :-)

3. Poetry - Dark Poetry which has been calling my name, but I have no experience of!

This is the LONGEST post (I hope) you will read from me all of this challenge!

I hope you will enjoy, reflect & be disturbed somewhat by my writings!

I love to talk - so do leave me a message in the comment box :-)


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