Sunday, August 12, 2007

my 1st Tag

Hey Iris... I wrote this as soon as u tagged me...but coz of sm inet connection goof up..i lost it.... so, here it goes agn!

My 1st TAG..... n my first try at it........

3 things that scare me
~ losing my loved ones
~ Scary movies…scary anything…
~ Motion at high altitudes

3 people who make me laugh/smile
~ Payal
~ My mum
~ Tejas

Hey, 6 is a multiple of 3!

3 things I love
(clearly this is about Things n not people…)
~ my car
~my laptop
~my phones

3 things/kinds I hate
~ manipulators
~ abuse and abusers!
~ being misunderstood

3 things I don't understand
~ Why it’s so difficult to lose weight!
~ Why money makes the world go round
~ Where are all the amazing men!?

3 things on my desk
(I assume this is my work desk, as compared to my study desk at home)
~ Different colour pens
~ Lots of papers :(
~ Water bottle

3 things I’m doing right now
~ Working long hours
~ trying not to fall for Mr. Wrong
~ growing my hair J

3 things I want to do before I die
~ travel the world
~ set up an Animal shelter
~ touch many lives – positively!
(Make a lot of money – go shopping, go for holidays, go to the Spa, look hot, be loved)

3 things I can do
~ Talk/ chat/ gossip/ make non-sense
~ make you laugh/smile
~ Do cross-stitch embroidery

3 things you should listen to
~ me giving GYAN!
~ Rain
~ Blue’s ‘1 love’ (its kinda funny how life can change...can flip 180 in a matter of days.....)

3 things you should never listen to…
~ negative self talk
~ negative people
~ your boss!

3 things i'd like to learn
~ Violin
~ Languages
~ Pottery

3 favorite foods
~ Cheese
~ Potato
~ Lady fingers

3 beverages I drink regularly
~ Coke
~ Coffee
~ Tea

3 childhood TV shows
(childhood was looong ago… so here’s my teenage ones!)
~ Beverly hills 90210
~ Buffy – the vampire slayer
~ The Practice

3 childhood books
~ A lot of Enid Blyton
~ Investigation series - Nancy Drew/ Famous 5/ Secret 7/ Hardy boys
~ Mallory Towers series

If you havent done this.... consider yourself TAGGED!

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  1. awww...thenkyou:-)
    And I make you laugh..Haha! Dint know I had that capability:-) Absolutely loved reading your answers ish. And hey, my question too...where are all the amazing men??? :DDD. Btw, you should know by now that THAt species is extinct! Lol!
    And I dint know you could cross! And you like all the wrong food:-) just like me:p.