Sunday, July 01, 2007

I am a life is about people - talking to people, reaching out to them.... just being there.... my phone is my lifeline....... sometimes it does become a prison (read: office calls!) ... otherwise, its a tool i have chosen to make my life better... I LIKE my friends!

This outburst is a direct result of talking with 1 of my good friends (Shelly) after 6 weeks! i like the fact that we are ourselves, jump from topic to topic... and make loads of sense to each other (only) and have great fun....

i know distances and schedules impact, but i guess when a person is important - u make an extra effort... SHELLY - You are a friend worth that extra effort, going that extra mile!!!!

Did i mention....we are going dancing girl!


  1. Awwwwwwwww...:-))))))))))
    BIIIIGGGG HUGGGG! Hey, I dint see this earlier! Damn, this is soooo sweet of you gurl:-) Thanks a million for considering me worth going an extra mile for... I know most of the time, I am a pain:D. And this does come as a surprise and you bring a smile to my face. Thank you:-)

  2. Sweetie, you are tagged:-)
    Check my blog and do share a bit about you with the world:D