Monday, February 12, 2007


Just when you have loads of material that you would like to think about - reflect upon - internalize and spew some poetry from - Wham!!! you are over loaded with work and a killer schedule.... thoughts??? I am not really sure what I am thinking these days ... my list of things to work thru is going up.... and i am afraid by the time i finally sit down the memories will be too far past and hazy for me to juice them for any revelations!!!!

Another trip I managed to do was to RISHIKESH - I went river rafting (yea yea, I am getting more adventerous with each season) - got dunked and then plunged into the ganges - now i know whats its like to feel your body freeze limb by limb - If I thought Delhi winters were freezing cold - now i have been disabused of such a notion!!!
It's b'ful offcourse - some of the pics are up on flickr...the rest will come next week...

oh yea - when i began the year i had begun to wonder if i was in too deep(offcourse i knew i would have to work hard and be really smart) but i was beginning to wonder whether i had overestimated my ability to cope .... In between I was almost sure i would take forever to pass the mark - but now I AM VERY PROUD to share that I received my CERTIFICATION - level 1 (duh!) and that too in the 1st attempt and within a month!!!! huff!!! Thank god!

now onto the next level ... here I come!

been extremely busy - It's kind of sweet for people wonder if i have disappeared - well. I havent I am just enjoying work - That's my official line for working long n odd hours :)
The saving grace - being able to smile and look into his eyes(however, occasionally)... my god, eyes are soo expressive - I guess so must mine be! if only now some good will come of it!

There are some v. intelligent people who write very interesting blogs - I have FINALLY updated the links from my blog to theirs...



  1. Hey your blog is shaping up real well!
    And thanks for ading a link to my blog and of course for calling me intelligent. I always knew, that's how you thought of me:DDD

    Congratulations for getting your level 1 certification. So when is the treat?

  2. 'The saving grace - being able to smile and look into his eyes'

    Now gurl, who is this????
    Hahahahaha! Someone I know?????
    :-)And yep, you got a sweet refreshing smile too:-)