Tuesday, October 07, 2008


My wish to blog more often has seen no action...here i am attempting to atleast do a monthly blog - a sort of a recap! and in my case, also introspect & review... thinking and day dreaming - some of my favourite pass times :)

wasnt feeling so lovely today, so finally updated my flickr n shelfari... http://www.shelfari.com/ishieta/

I have just finished reading 'The Orchid Hunter' by J.M. Landis (my rvw is on shelfari)...i was fascinated by Orchid hunters -- until this book i hadnt even known such a hunt existed....some googling later... i find it is true.. and the flowers are indeed beautiful.. the words in the novel were near accurate in descibing them.

September saw a lot of debates with my family re: my work... we all agree on progress just not the path to it.. and in my case, the amount of effort & time to be put in...

i suppose 1 must be born with a silver spoon to take life easy... choices are often based on too many considerations.. so much so that they take away from freedom & choice!

Sept began with a mountain of work @ office and very little time devoted to anything else. The month end sees a mountain of boredom instead.

Many things continue to be pending - tasks/ discussions/ books/ decisions/ attitudes/ changes...

perhaps, October will bring closure & some new beginnings too....

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